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Kinderdance® for boys and girls, ages 3-5, is a developmental dance, motor skill, music, and fitness program. Kinderdance® is a 3-year program that progresses through 3 levels. Parents enjoy signing their child up for our enrichment program that teaches the basics of Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics and Creative Movement all while incorporating educational concepts. Children dance to original and familiar child friendly music while learning from Kinderdance® certified teachers / instructors. The program provides children with the potential to be creative, express themselves through movement while building strong muscles and social skills. Our age appropriate educational concepts reinforce what children are learning at home and in daycare, which builds self-confidence and self-esteem, making for very happy children.

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Why Choose Kinderdance®?

Parents and teachers love seeing boys and girls thrive with our age appropriate friendly music, dance choreography, fun fitness, playful movements, and imaginative activities while the children build self-esteem and self-confidence.

Kinderdance® programs are designed to be an integral part of your preschooler’s “school day” and afterschool child’s schedule. Many of our programs take place where children’s other learning occurs, in child care facilities.  Additional teaching locations can be found in other numerous venues.  Your child moves seamlessly from one type of learning to another.
Kinderdance® programs blend educational concepts with various forms of movement, dance, and gymnastics. The programs help develop gross motor skills, movement creativity, fitness, and body awareness. Each class is taught using lesson plans which incorporate original and traditional age-appropriate music and songs.   See what they have learned at the Year-End Demonstration where they will be given a progress report and have an overall sense of pride from all they have accomplished.

The Science of Kinderdance®!

Each of our programs teaches to the total child

  • Stimulate the senses including tactile to develop touch and feel
  • Visual to develop sight and sound
  • Music and dance for the discovery of sound and movement
  • Spark creativity through imagery
  • Supporting the development of social and communications skills as children learn to work as part of a group
  • Fostering improvement of self-esteem and self-expression as they become more comfortable and master movement and expectations in class
  • And enhancing the child’s Physical Development

Where We Teach

Day Care Centers, Pre-schools, Public Schools, Private Schools, Head Start Programs, Homeschool Programs, Federal Buildings, Libraries, Book Stores, Colleges/Universities with child care programs, Play Centers, YMCA’s – programs and child care Recreation Centers, Community Club Houses, Fitness Centers, Weight Loss Centers, Hospitals, Military Bases, Corporate Child Care, Gymnastic Centers, Dance Studios, Karate Studios, Child Learning Centers, Church Childcare

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After Schooler

Voted OUTSTANDING by our local education authority

Our Children Are Our Future

  • Self-esteem
  • Self-confindence
  • Language development
  • Gross and Fine motor skill development
  • Cognitive development
  • Physical development
  • Social Skills
  • The Love of dance/movement and learning


For the safety and comfort of all our students, Kinderdance® requires the proper foot and dance/movement attire to be worn during classes.  See your teacher for which items are needed for the particular program your child is enrolled in.  They will enjoy the classes even more when dressed in attire, ready to jump and move!

Happiness [+]

A happy child is a Joy to Behold! Anyone who has ever watched a child jump for joy when a parent comes home knows intuitively that small children express their feelings with MOVEMENT as well as words. Movement, music and DANCE can be natural tools for learning.  Influential child psychologists and educators like Piaget and Montessori agree that a planned developmental program in MOVEMENT should be part of every child’s education. Since early childhood education is the foundation for higher education, how a child “learns to learn” will have a lasting influence throughout his or her school years. Kinderdance, where children “learn how to learn” when they learn how to DANCE and MOVE!

Education [+]

Children “learn how to learn” while they learn how to dance and move.  Our programs teach to the total child which means socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively.  Our programs include educational concepts that are incorporated into each class that build upon their current stage of learning.  Numbers, colors, shapes, creative thinking, imagery, language development, social skills, gross and fine motor skills, along with building a child’s sense of self to others are focused on through out the progression of each program.

Your children’s education and wellfare are our main priorities


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